Wednesday, April 22, 2009

East Windup Chronicle - an international baseball blog

The first blog I'm going to cover is East Windup Chronicle, a site run by two ex-pat Americans living respectively in South Korea and Taiwan, covering all aspects of baseball in South Korea and Taiwan.

Aaron Shinsano has lived and worked in Korea for over four years. A native of the Bay Area and graduate of UC Davis his first writing job was with the Oakland Tribune. He’s written two unpublished manuscripts, the most recent a fictional novel about Koreans living in Korea and America. These days he does a little freelancing, does part-time scouting for the Chicago Cubs, co-edits this here web site, and co-hosts the occasional party with his wife Daisy Gatsby. As a boy he glued himself to the Cincinnati Reds, mostly because he was a fan of “The Baseball Bunch.” He hopes you like East Windup Chronicle and urges you to contact the site at

Jackson Broder is a writer, International Scout for the Minnesota Twins, and DJ living in Taiwan. Prior to taking up residence in Formosa, he worked in Tokyo and New York City, getting an advanced degree in things Asia-related and speaking at colleges with fancy names. He is a contributing writer for the Taipei Times and Yahoo! in addition to EWC. He hopes you like EWC and urges you to contact him at Especially with high paying job offers and/or philanthropic ideas involving baseball in developing nations.

Unlike most bloggers, these two are actual baseball people, scouting for major league teams. They cover not just South Korean and Taiwanese baseball, but Japanese also, and the Asian baseball experience in general.

They don't do a lot of game recaps, which is fine by me. Lots of places to go see that. But the blog is filled with good baseball analysis, some humorous pieces, some semi-serious pieces, and just general good reading, as well as Major League baseball and life in Asia.

I check them out a couple times a day, and it's a good read. There is always something entertaining. They even Twitter. Whatever that means.

Almost 2 years and nearly 1600 posts in, it's a great read and a look at life that most Americans never experience.

Individual interviews follow in the posts below.

Some of the highlights (at least to me):

Categories of Being

Addictive Chewable Fruits (3)
Ask a Korean Sportswriter (7)
Baseball (516)
Baseball - Asia (139)
Baseball - China (8)
Baseball - Japan (172)
Baseball - Korea (182)
Baseball - Southeast Asia (1)
Baseball - Taiwan (82)
Baseball Cards (4)Cricket Debate (3)Culture (112)
EWC Liquor Cabinet (15)
Five Things You Need For a Korean Baseball Game (1)
Golf Crime (8)
Gone Native White Guys Take On Things Asia Related (1)Gratuitious Shots of Attractive Women (45)
Gratuitous 80's Nostalgia (2)
Guys on Elephant Testosterone (9)
Korean Baseball Cartoons (6)
Ladies of North Korea (8)
Lost in Translation (6)
Mockery of the game of baseball (5)
My Asian Tattoo Means What?! (3)
Obnoxious Polls (2)
Politics (45)
Random Baseball Memories (3)
Scouting (19)
Scouting Mishaps (2)
Sex Scandals of Asia (11)
Shameless Self-promotion (11)
Stadiums (3)
Tributes (17)
Truth Stranger than Fiction (4)
Yankees With She Male Fetishes (2)

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