Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Does Dusty Baker speak Italian? - update

A much needed update to this post:

Seems I screwed this one up. It is not Melvin Mora playing, it is another one. Melvin is still in Orioles camp, and ready to break with the team. I think I got him confused with Manny Alexander, the former SS for the Orioles, who is in Italy. My apologies to both of them for the confusion.

Additionally, it seems that this was not an Italian League game, but a Spanish League game. Again, my apologies to the Spanish League.

Looks the fact checker for this site will be getting a talking to shortly. However, one thing to remember, this is a free site. And as every girlfriend I've ever had has told me, you get what you pay for.

No matter what league you play in, be it Youth Leagues to the Majors, good pitching performances are always hard to come by. Don't dismiss this because it's the Italian League. It's still impressive. Here's the line score from the game I'm talking about.

SAN INAZIO 0 (Mar 21, 2009 at Bilbao)

F.C. BARCELONA...... 000 000 000 01 - 1 8 2 (3-0)
SAN INAZIO.............. 000 000 000 00 - 0 3 2 (0-3)

Pitchers: F.C. BARCELONA - BAEZ Homer.
SAN INAZIO - MANE F; GUEDEZ Willy Javier(8).

Win-BAEZ Homer(2-0) Loss-GUEDEZ Willy Javier(0-2)

T-3h 10m A-60Game notes:


I'll be the first to admit that an 11-inning, 1-0 game, is nice, but nothing spectacular. But here is the box score for it.

I don't care what you league you pitch in. An 11-inning, 3-hit shutout, with 15 strike outs is always noteworthy. Check out the box score here.

Yes, that is former Oriole Melvin Mora playing LF, batting 9th, and going 0-4, with 1 SB.

No word on how many pitches Baez threw. It's a good thing they didn't list it, because it's a good bet that it wasn't a good amount.

Remember the days when major league pitchers weren't a bunch of over-paid, crybababy, wusses who would do this on occassion? I do. I'm not advocating pitchers start going 11 innings, but every once in awhile, it is possibile.

On the bright side, Dusty Baker will always have a job.


Keule said...

My last comment wasn't that much of a complaint. I am very thankful for this blog and for this blog being free. It's been a great find for me.
I am not a native speaker, for this reason I cannot comment on English blogs without putting my foot in my mouth.
I really felt not offended at all.

Ron Rollins said...

that might have come off the wrong way. I never thought it was a complaint. not in any way.

i made a mistake, but i have a responsibility to get the information right. i don't have any problem at all with anyone pointing out a mistake.

i want people to do that. i'm doing something outside the mainstream of baseball, and i do a great disservice to the readers if i make a mistake.

you are always welcome to make a correction to anything i write, and i will never be offended.

i just hope i am presenting material that will make you want to come back and read more.

if i might ask, just as a curiosity, where are you from. and thank you for your comments. they are always welcome.

Keule said...

I'm German. But please don't tell anybody.

Ron Rollins said...

Nothing wrong with Germany or Germans.

I lived near Augsburg for 3 years, and had a great time.

It's great to see Germans who are baseball fans.

Keule said...

"It's great to see Germans who are baseball fans." - Yeah, all of us could almost field an actual baseball team. If it wasn't for the internet, I would probably still not know anything about the game. Because German baseball will not turn you into a fan.