Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A new weekly feature

I'm going to start a new feature, and try to do this every Wednesday, as long as I get enough participation.

I don't follow a specific team or league, or even country, since what I do (or try to do) is promote baseball internationally, and not in any one area.

I'll admit, at times, it hard to find something to write about, because I want to stay generic.

So here's an idea I had. I look at a lot of different blogs every day for ideas, and I thought about doing some profiles of the specific blogs that cover baseball outside the states.

What I going to do is an interview with the writer of the blog and a little write up about the blog.

I want to give this a try. I'm getting a few people reading every day, and the more we can spread the word about international baseball, the better.

I will be contacting the people who write blogs I read every day, but if you have a blog about international baseball, and would like to get a write up, let me know.

The first one starts below.

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