Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The United Countries of Baseball

This isn't really international baseball, but it is a cool picture. And someone interesting. As a Missouri boy, however, I think they are vastly underestimating the influence of the Royals and the Cardinals both.

Royal territory should be expanded west and north both, while the Cardinals should fill in all the unclaimed area.

People forget the Cardinals used to be the western-most franchise for 77 years, and they started the farm system, with minor league teams all over the west.

Nice picture, and I'm happy to see the Yankees get short shrift. I just think the guy doesn't understand the dynamics of baseball in teh midwest very well.


Kevin said...

There you go, bashing the Yankees again. It's a known fact that all of America is Yankee territory.
And as soon as I look up shrift in the dictionary, I'll get back to you.


Ron Rollins said...

Kevin, that's exactly the point I"m making. Call me the anti-ESPN.

Janean said...

Uhh...I've never been a Yankee's fan! So, not ALL of America Kevin!!