Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Saving the day

As I've stated many times, baseball is truly a global game. Not just because it's played in almost every country on the planet, but because of their are legitimate viable leagues all around the world. Today, lots of players move around the globe in pursuit of a roster spot. From the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean countries, Asia, and in Europe. Players are hopping from league to league, looking for a chance to play.

One of those players, Shingo Takatsu, has made the rounds. He has played in the Major Leagues, the Japanese League, the Korean League, and the Chinese League (Taiwan). In doing so, he has achieved a unique honor:

Shingo Takatsu became the first pitcher to record saves in the NPB (286), MLB (27), KBO (8), and the CPBL (1) when he saved a game against the Brother Elephants on the 31st.
By my count, that's 322 career saves. I don't care what league you pitch in, that's a lot of saves. For what they are worth.

This the only English-language account I can find, as everything else is in Chinese. I'm sure there's a lot more, but this achievement speaks for himself.

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