Friday, April 16, 2010

Baseball stadiums in Asia

Baseball, as well all know, is played around the world. There are major leagues, minor leagues, semi-pro leagues, college leagues, high school leagues, and youth leagues in almost 200 countries. Everywhere you go, and everywhere you look, people are playing baseball. Of course, they need some place to play. Sometimes its a $2 billion stadium in New York, and other times its a cow pasture in Nigeria. No matter where they are, how expensive or how fancy, there is no missing a baseball field when you see it. They all have a diamond, 4 bases, a pitchers mound, and an outfield. Hopefully there is an outfield fence, but it isn't always necessary.

In  Asia, where the popularity of the game is soaring, they have some of all types of stadiums. One thing I can tell you for sure is, for every cow pasture, there is a steel and concrete stadium for someone to play in.

Here we seem of the stadiums around Asia:
Lot more views of stadiums in Asia at the link.

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