Monday, March 15, 2010

Eri Yoshida has caused it to snow in a hot place

Eri Yoshida, the Japanese, female knuckleballer of renown has gotten her pro contract. I'm still not sure she isn't there as a sideshow, however, I do wish her the best of luck and hope she actually succeeds. I don't have a problem with women playing baseball. I want the best players my team can find. My niece is the best pitcher of any kid her age back home, and would be the best in her league if she wanted to play. She doesn't, because her friends don't.

However it works out, no matter what the reason is, Eri has gotten something started. She won't be the only woman playing professional baseball this year:
Following a successful stint in the Arizona Winter League (Pro Independent Instructional League) in Yuma, Arizona where she was one of two females to ever attend, Tiffany Brooks of Spokane, Washington has agreed to terms with the Big Bend Cowboys of Alpine, Texas of the Continental Baseball League.
That's what I've found on it so far, but there really isn't a lot more to say. Due to the lack of publicity of the kind that followed Eri, I would have to see this is at least a legitimate signing. Tiffany is the latest woman to play professional baseball:
Brooks, who plays 1B and is a Relief Pitcher, is excited to follow in the steps of American female ballplayers who have come before her, notably Ila Borders who pitched in the Northern League from 1997-1999, and both Mamie “Peanut” Johnson (1950’s)and Jackie Mitchell (1930’s).
I think we can actually drop Jackie Mitchell form the list, as it has been documented that this was a publicity stunt, and in her famous outing striking out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, they both admitted they weren't trying to hit the ball. That doesn't take anything away from the others have actually succeeded on their merits.

For more on women in baseball, see Checked Swing.

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