Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bailouts are the same everywhere

The US government has been good lately at bailouts. I don't particularly agree with it, but that is a separate matter. This isn't about politics. Baseball and politics don't mix, and shouldn't. However, it seems that the US government is also going to give another bailout. And to baseball, it seems:
Taiwan has pledged to inject $60 million US of government funding into baseball to help revive a sport marred by betting scandals and embarrassing international defeats, the presidential office said on Saturday
The Chinese Professional Baseball League is in serious trouble. There has been game-fixing, and they haven't played well internationally of late. Possibly, the two are related.

Baseball is a huge sport in Taiwan, and it would be a shame to see it go under. Taiwan also has a good history in the game, from Little League World Series titles, to winning international tournaments, and winning games in the Olympics.

If the government of Taiwan wants to give $60 mil to the league to prop it up, I guess they can. The issue I have with this is the same issue I would have in the states.

First and foremost, government involvement. I don't think it's a good idea. Mostly, however, I am against Taiwan using US funds given to them for the defense of the island to prop up the league. As an American taxpayer, I just don't think this is right.

Of course, no one is really listening to me. This is what the money will be used for:
The government would filter out the funds over the next four years to increase the number of qualified players and offer incentives for students to take up baseball,
I guess they don't have unemployment or housing issues in Taiwan.

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