Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baseball in Ghana

Add Ghana to your list of countries where they play organized baseball. Even though I'm sure most of you knew it already. And it's starting where all baseball should start. With the kids:
Today the African Developmental Foundation (ADF) welcomed the visit of Ghana Little League District Administrator Hugo Huppenbauer to the United States. Mr. Huppenbauer will attend the 25th Little League International Congress in Lexington, Kentucky, March 12-15.
With the news that Africa will have a representative in the Little League World Series, it's good that another country is involved. This isn't some fan out in his back yard with a few embassy and ex-pat kids. This is kids from Ghana, actual citizens of the country, playing the game. It's the real deal:
GHABSA currently operates 4 Little Leagues and has over 1,500 children playing baseball, which includes Tee Ball programs for 5 to 8 year-olds in 12 schools
They're getting some help from the African Development Foundation, a organization that will get its own post later.

Baseball in Africa. Organized and supported by outside foundations. Yeah, Bud, that's another opportunity lost.

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