Friday, March 12, 2010

The African American Baseball League

In light of all the controversy created by Torii Hunter a couple of days ago, I have decided to go ahead and publish this post. I wrote it up a while back, but wasn't sure it was appropriate to publish it. Mostly because I wasn't sure why I would do so. I think this is a good idea, but I also have a problem with exclusionary anything.

However, being a historical component to the Negro Leagues, and the fact that it is a tribute to such, I don't really have an issue with it, and think it is a worthy undertaking.

So here goes.

The story of the Negro Leagues, and the players who were denied an opportunity to play at the highest level, is one of the black marks on baseball history. However, in the best manner of turning the other cheek, instead of hating the game that denied them, they created their own league and played it as well as, or better in some cases, than those who kept them out.

There is a relatively unknown league playing that is attempting to bring back this sad, but great story:
There has not been an all African American baseball team playing at the professional level in the United States in over fifty years.

Until now

We have made tremendous strides from 2003 in rebuilding Negro League Professional Baseball
The African American Baseball League is alive and well, and looking to continue a once proud tradition:
Thus far we have rebuilt three of Negro League Baseball's greatest teams, the Kansas City Monarchs, Washington Black Senators and Philadelphia Stars.
Anytime you mention the Monarchs, team of the legendary Buck O'Neil, I'm going to listen.

And there is this little item I have to bring up:
2009 African American Baseball League ABL CHAMPIONS Kansas City Monarchs
I don't care what league it's in, there was a baseball champion in Kansas City. How about that, Dayton Moore? Someone's "process" is working.

But these guys are not just sitting back, playing for historical purposes, nor are they content to be relegated to secondary status again:
Our goals are to rebuild Negro League Professional Baseball and to participate in the World Baseball Classic Tournament in 2013 with USA, China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea, Australia, Cuba, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Italy, Venezuela, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Kingdom of Netherlands ..... to showcase the return of Negro League Professional Baseball.
As I said, I have some issues with any kind of exclusionary organization, but happily, that isn't true here, as players of all racial backgrounds are welcome. Taken that, Commissioner Landis. I hope they get a chance to play in 2013. I support this wholeheartedly.

Right now, they have 3 teams in the League, but are looking to add up to 5 more for 2010, which will give them more of a legitimate base.

Torii Hunter must not know about this league, as their stated purpose is:
First, will be to to teach our 18 and older African American ballplayers how to compete at Professional level on the world stage.

Second, will be to showcase the return of Negro League Professional Baseball.

Third,will be to build new and lasting relationships here in the United States and around the world.

Fourth, will be to completely rebuild our legendary Black Professional baseball league in the 21st century
Who knows how this will work out, or if they can make it successful, but I hope they can. Good luck, guys.

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