Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A trivia contest

Another one of those slow days, when there wasn't really a lot out there.

So, Kevin from the DMB Historic World Series Replay is offering up a trivia contest, with an actual prize and everything.

If' you remember, I interviewed Kevin here about 2 months ago. Go check it out.

Here are the rules for your chance to win this one of a kind piece of Baseball Americana:

1. Correctly answer the trivia question in the comments section.

2. The 1st correct answer is the winner.

3. One guess per person.

4. No googling……I’d like a gentlemen’s agreement that your answer will be strictly based on a guess.(I…….state your name…….promise to guess and only guess the answer to this trivia question)

5. Tell a fellow baseball fan(or several) about this blog, and have them submit a guess. (Again….I’m trusting you on this one)

6. The winner will be announced at the end of the 1889 World Series.

7. The winner will have to contact me via email with your address, and the ball player(s) that you would like displayed on your label.

8. The answer to the trivia question is based on my research, so there is a slight chance my research could be flawed. Hey…mistakes happen !!

9. In the event that nobody gets the correct answer, the person closest to the actual answer will be the winner.


If you’ve been following this blog, then you know I have a thing about the high percentage of mustaches on the 19th century ball player. So of course this question has nothing to do with mustaches, but it does have something to do with beards.

There are 286 plaques hanging in the Hall of Fame, a lot of which have the person displayed with a mustache, some with glasses, some with a full beard, and one displaying a female(Eppa Manley).

How many people are wearing glasses?(if any)

How many have a full beard?(if any)

When placing your guess in the comments section answer the question like so:



Your Name

Remember these are only people that have plaques: players, executives, pioneers, and umpires.

This does not include writers or announcers.

Good Luck……No Googling……..and tell a friend

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Kevin said...


You are too good to me. Thank You once again.
I am really struggling with building up readers to my blog. Any suggestions?