Monday, June 1, 2009

I want to Major in baseball

Now this is too cool. If they had this back in the states, I might have actually stayed in college and finished. All 3 times I went:

Some background first, from NPB Tracker:

Shikoku Gakuin Daigaku is installing the major system, which is the most common college academic system in the United States. Starting from the 2010 academic year, the university is restructuring its academic system and installing the major system providing 19 majors and one minor of the students’ choice. This differs from the typical Japanese university system, where students choose a curriculum prior to entering the school, and in the event they want to change majors, have to basically re-apply to the school.
How does that affect us here:

What is interesting about this new development is that the Shikoku Gakuin Daigaku is adding the major of Baseball Science, which is the first such program in any Japanese university.
Yep, in Japan, you can go to college and major in baseball:

The main subjects the students will be able to study majoring in Baseball Science will be:

History of Japanese Baseball
Baseball Information Analysis
Baseball Methodology
Baseball Management
Health and Sports Nutrition
Introduction of Baseball Communication
This isn't a frivolous exercise in itself. There is a purpose to it:

The dream of the university is for one of their alumni to become a major league player and expand the business of baseball and develop more “Baseball People” who can contribute to the industry. The school hasn’t produced many NPB players. One of the few baseball alumni from Shikoku Gakuen Daigaku is former Hiroshima Toyo Carp Kouichi Amano, currently the manager of the Fukui Miracle Elephants in the Baseball Challenge League.
All those years I spent in school worrying about Political Science and History, and other people get to study baseball. Sometimes life just isn't fair.

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