Monday, June 22, 2009

Is the media mis-leading us?

Not to turn this into a political blog by any means, but it always interests me when I read stuff about Iraq. According to most press and media stories you hear, the country is filled with chaos, every other person is a suicide bomber, and nowhere in the land is there peace and happiness. Not at all. Not anywhere. It's complete anarchy and the US is all to blame for what ever has happened there.

But according to my friends who are there, that just never seems to be the case. They tell me that in a few places like Baghdad and Mosul, it's still dangerous at time, and everyone should always be watchful. But according to the boots on the ground (soldiers), Iraq is about 95% peaceful, guys are doing okay, beyond missing thier families, and life isn't really that bad in the country.

So it always amuses when I read stories like this:

Eighteen athletes will represent Iraq in the upcoming West Asia Youth Baseball-Softball Tournament, which will take place in Pakistan in September 2009, the head of the Iraqi central federation for the game said on Saturday.

“The tournament will start on Sept. 1 and end on Sept. 9, 2009,” Ismail Khalil al-Qaisi told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.“The team will have a 20-day training camp in Arbil city – Iraq, preparing for the competition,” he said.“Also, there will be a three-week training program for the team in Iran,” he added.Al-Qaisi pointed out that the federation, in coordination with the team’s coach, will name the 18 athletes.
I mean, seriously, if Iraq is the quagmire that the press lets it out to be, how is that anyone has time to play baseball. Safely. Unless the park and practice is being guarded by battalions of soldiers to ensure their safety, I would have to assume it's safe for these guys to get together and play games and practice. Which would be strange, because what would be a better target for the insurgents than the locals playing an 'American' game.

Unless the situation isn't as bad as the media is making it out to be, and there is actually peace and tranquility in the country. But that couldn't be true. The media would never lie or mislead us. And all those guys on the ground over there seeing it every day. They must be mistaken.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of the situation. Our soldiers are still there, it is still dangerous in spots, and some Iraqi's are still having a lot of problems. But it would seem to me that if the Iraqi's can field a youth team and practice for tournaments, something good must be happening.

Link from Aswat al-Iraq.

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