Tuesday, June 16, 2009

British Baseball Hall of Fame launched

The guys at Baseball GB bring us the news:

Yesterday, the official announcement was made on the BBF website that the British Baseball Hall of Fame is finally off the ground. The idea has been proposed numerous times in the past, but for a variety of reasons it has never come to fruition, until now that is.
More details can be found at the official site:

Full details of the project can be found on the official webpage: http://www.projectcobb.org.uk/hof.html. It is anticipated that the inaugural class will be announced in the autumn.
There are obviously a lot of players who can be considered for various reasons, to include many major leaguers or pioneers who were born in the UK, to include Henry Chadwick. Hopefully, they'll do much better with the selections than has been happening in the states for a few years.

At least they won't have beat writers for teams making the decision for them.

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