Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow baseball

Baseball is played in many places, and we've seen picture of it. Pastures in Nigeria, the mountains of Turkey, and places in Israel that are below sea level.

One of the big complaints about the season in the states is that it starts too early, and ends too late. The weather affects games, and there are snow outs every year, bringing cries for the schedules to be changed (or worse yet) the call for more domes.

One place, however, has decided that snow isn't really a problem. In fact, they've decided to use it, and actually play Snow Baseball:

Young players participated in a snow baseball championship in Indian Kashmir.

The town of Gulmarg gets heavy snowfall during the winter and is covered in white for about six months. The town offers an excellent playground for winter sports.
This isn't seen as a one-off thing, either:

“We consider ourselves as the frontrunners of playing this game on snowfields. We want some development in this game as Gulmarg is the perfect spot for national and international championships.”
However, there is one point to clarify:

This is the first time that baseball has been played on snow and our experience has been very satisfying.”
As the picture above shows, all you have to do is go to Cleveland.

But, hey, it's baseball, and they're playing. That's all that matters.

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