Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cuba and the Evil Empire

Just kidding, Jason. Cuba isn't an evil empire anymore.

The Spanish-based newspaper El Nuevo Herald is reporting that Cuban slugger Jose Julio “JJ” Ruiz is nearing a decision on which Major League club to sign with. The Blue Jays, Rangers, Red Sox, Giants, Rays, Rockies and Yankees have all shown interest in the first base prospect.
That's all well and good, and he will probably get a big, major league contract, an invitation to spring training, and a trip to the minors if he signs with anyone but the Giants. But even that isn't guaranteed. However, he wont be in the minors for long:

The 25-year-old is a sweet-swinging left-handed hitter who batted .330 over five seasons in the Cuban League. Ruiz, who swiped 32 bases during the 2007-08 season, batted .341 with 69 RBIs in his last full campaign in Cuba in 2008-09.
Average and speed, and at a 'relatively' young age. Not a lot of call for that in a first baseman, unless you're Frank Chance, but he can also play the outfield, so a move would be likely, and get him to the majors much more quickly. As to what team that might be:

The Santiago de Cuba infielder defected from Cuba last March and is currently training at the Yankees’ facility in the Dominican Republic. The 6-foot-3 prospect can also play in the outfield and is expected to receive a multimillion-dollar signing bonus.
Imagine that, getting to train at the Yanees facility. Wonder how that happens? Is this allowed? Is it kosher? Isn't it a conflict of interest?

No, there is no evil empire in Cuba. Its in whatever country a particular player defects to.

Link from baseball de world

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