Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A new cook

Former major-league pitcher is the new manager of the Swedish national team:
Former Major Leaguer pitcher Dennis Cook is the new head coach of the Swedish national team. The 47-year-old lefthander, who pitched 15 years in the big leagues, replaces Karl Knutsson as head coach for Sweden, the Swedish Baseball and Softball Federation announced on Monday.
It's isn't a case of just picking a guy to coach. There is a reason it was Cook:

Dennis Cook, whose grandmother hails from Sweden, has previous experience working with the Swedish team as he worked with them during the 2009 training week in Florida. Cook also was intended to be the pitching coach during the 2009 Baseball World Cup, but other commitments made it impossible.
Cook had a decent enough career in the majors, and wn 2 World Series:

Dennis Cook made his debut in the Major Leagues for the San Francisco Giants in 1988 and stayed in the big leagues until 2002, pitching for a total of nine teams. He won two World Series rings during his career, one with the Florida Marlins in 1997 and another one with the Anaheim Angels in 2002. The left-handed veteran had an ERA of 3.91 in 665 appearances (71 starts) overall, accumulating over 1.000 innings.
His Baseball Reference page

Sweden has a good team, and Cook might be a big help. Of course, major league experience doesn't always mean anything, but there can't be any doubt that Bert Blyleven had an impact on the Dutch team during the World Baseball Classic. Pitching is a very technical thing, and the important thing might not be what Cook brings from his ability, but what he learned from others that made him successful.

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