Thursday, October 17, 2013

Going the distance

A few years back, a reality television showed pitted Indian pitchers against each other to see which would get a shot at a major league contract. I don’t remember the details, but two did get a chance to pitch with the Pittsburgh Pirates. One made it for four seasons, with some success, while the other lasted 1+, without much luck. It was mostly a publicity stunt, but well-intentioned in my mind, as it’s great that players from non-traditional baseball countries get a shot.

So you have to wonder if anytime one these guys gets a chance, if it’s for real, or just a favor to a scout and a good-will gesture. Fortunately for Callam Pearce, that isn’t an issue. Because the kid from Glenwood, a suburb of Durban, South Africa, is going to get a real opportunity.
Glenwood boy, Callan Pearce has been selected to play baseball for the Minnesota Twins, a major league American Baseball team.
According to reports I can find, this is a 7-year deal. He’ll live for the states in the spring, after he has finished high school. Fortunately, although he lives on the edge of the Indian Ocean, he won’t be a strange to snow as cold weather, as the Drakensberg range of mountains is just a short ride away.

This is definitely not for show, as no team would give such a long-term contract to a prospect, especially one who hasn’t played in high level competition by his age. This is great news for Callam, great news for South African baseball, and great news for baseball in general. Talented players are always welcome, regardless of the cover on their passport.


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