Friday, July 24, 2009

Back in the saddle

Obviously, those of you who do come here to read my ramblings postings have noticed that I haven't written for awhile, at least before today. A new job, working nights has got me out of sync, and sleeping 4-5 hours a day has left me too tired to sit down and try and be somewhat coherent.

I think I've gotten my body into some sort of routine and am feeling a bit more rested. Of course, now, in the interest of making enough money to buy a car and move into my own place, I will be working extra shifts and doing about 12 straight days, or nights, as it may be.

However, I feel confident that I can get back into this and do at least 1 post per day, if not more. Since my days off are Tuesday and Wednesday (nights), that means I might be posting over the (your) weekend. But I haven't disappeared, and won't. With the World Cup of Baseball just around the corner, I should have a lot to say.


Bill said...

Welcome back!
I keep meaning to respond to your MVP idea over on my blog. The short version: definitely better than the "best player on a playoff team" tendency, but I worry that it's too susceptible to perceptions based on coincidence (like 2003: Shannon Stewart joins the Twins and plays fairly well; the Twins suddenly start winning a bunch of games; Shannon Stewart must be the reason and therefore a legit MVP candidate).

Ron Rollins said...


Thanks. I was starting to miss it. I don't know how good what I'm doing is, but I want to keep a certain standard.

So now that I've had some sleep, I can get back into.

Good point about Stewart. That was kind of my point, actually. Not the guy who's going to win the award, or necesarily should, but the guy who is really the guy who did more to make his team successful than any other player.

Someone who raises them up to a level they wouldn't be without them.

That's why I think Morneau's MVP shouldn't be discounted so much by some people. Yes, because the writers based it on 'runs batted in'. No, because without him, the Twins don't make the playoffs.

Does that make more sense?