Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Asian Championships

The Asian Championships are being played right now, and the Final Four is set after the completion of the first round. The teams that have been able to advance might look familiar:

South Korea

If they do look familiar, it's because of this:
Round 1 - Pool A

Chinese Taipei
South Korea
Yup, the same match-up from the World Baseball Classic this spring. Back then, I predicted the final standings:

The final results:
Japan 3 - 0
South Korea 2 - 1
China 1 - 2
Chinese Taipei 0 - 3

I was right in having China win a game and Taiwan getting blanked. I also had Japan beating South Korea. What I didn't have was South Korea beating Japan in the finals of the pool.

Even though that happened, I don't see a reason to change my original picks. I'll still stick with Japan to win it all, over South Korea. Just like the finals of the classic.

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