Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Live coverage

I written a few times, and many others have written even more, about the fact that we don't get Major League baseball on television here in the UK. Picking it up from a satellite feed isn't broadcasting it here. It's a shame, as there are a lot of baseball fans in the UK who want to watch, but don't get the chance. It was purely a business decision to do so, as they don't think they can afford it during the recession/depression/downturn/economic hard times?

So what irritates me the most about this is, major league baseball can't be shown here because it won't turn a profit, yet the Czech Republic has amateur and national teams on live television:

Between the days 23rd and 27th June a traditional tournament Prague Baseball Week takes place in a stadium of Eagles Prague. The tournament is special in one thing; it is preparation for organizers of the World Cup and, of course, for players as well.

Two Czech National Teams will take part in it: National team under 21 that consists mainly from players preparing for European Championship Juniors in Bonn (3rd to 9th April) and Czech National Baseball Team that consider Prague Baseball Week to be a quality preparation for World Cup (9th to 12th September).

The Czech Television will broadcast two games that we will be able to see on its sport channel. One of them is the game between the Czech Republic and Croatia that should be played on Thursday in 5 pm. Another one is a final game planned to be played on Saturday in 5 pm.

So we don't get major league baseball and the Czech Republic gets a local tournament featuring their national teams. Maybe I will start having to re-think this fringe sport comment of mine.

Something just seems wrong here. I'm sure FIFA and the fact that baseball is perceived to be an American sport over here has nothing to do with any of this.

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