Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A baseball petition

This is mostly for fans in the UK only, but feel free to read along. And sign up to help out the cause.

Channel 5, which used to air baseball here, decided this year not to do it because of monetary issues.

Baseball is still available via ESPN (if you have the right satellite package) and the internet (via MBL.com), but they both come at a cost. Channel 5 is free view, but no luck this year.

There is an on-line petition to get baseball back on the air. I don't really think it's going to make a difference, but lets support it regardless. There's something about baseball and television that just go together.

Baseball on Channel 5 UK 2009

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To: Channel Five Television / RTL
We, the undersigned, are deeply dismayed at the choice made by Channel Five to discontinue the coverage of Baseball on Sunday and Wednesday nights. We would sincerely appreciate the reintroduction of baseball on free-to-air television, rather than subscription based channels, like Setanta Sports or Sky Television.

For 12 years, the presenters have provided the following of Baseball within the United Kingdom with knowledge and entertainment unblemished against the more rigid standard forms of watching this glorious sport on television.
We, the Undersigned, would like to have fairness and equality and have terrestrial television stations in the United Kingdom broadcast the game we love.


The Undersigned

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